Pioneering genetic innovation for Over 20 years

At KINOVA, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries to create something insanely different and beautiful. We strive to understand our animals, where they came from, and what makes them unique.

We know we’re a little obsessed. But that’s precisely what it takes to raise the bar and become the world’s leading designer Ball Python breeder.

Whether you’re trying to produce your dream snake or turn your passion into profit, KINOVA is here to help with your next experiment.

Humble Beginnings

“I was just a nerdy kid in rural Oklahoma with a love for reptiles – an unexplainable attraction to misunderstood cold-blooded creatures. Growing up, I’d catch any native species I could find outside my house.

By high school, I began keeping exotic species, including Ball Pythons and Boa Constrictors – even a few rattlesnakes I found in the backyard. I hatched my first clutch of Sinaloan Kingsnakes in a small incubator under the bed in my college dorm room. When the school found out, the university offered me a dedicated space in the biology department to continue my breeding projects.

Shortly after, I discovered Ball Pythons could be tricked out with SWEET paint jobs… and the rest is history!

Now more than 20 years later, my passion for these creatures led to my founding my dream company and becoming a driving force behind a worldwide reptile phenomenon!”

Building the Dream Team

Managing 2,000 reptiles requires an expert team that shares the passion I’ve held onto from the beginning. Over the years, KINOVA has recruited an amazing group of individuals that keeps this dream alive.