When Your Males Won’t Breed

When breeding ball pythons, a reluctant male can be extremely frustrating, especially when that male is particularly important to your plans. What should you do?

There’s a myriad of things you can try to coax a lock out of your male. Usually working your way through those scenarios will takes at least weeks if not months. The fact is, the most effective way to get your male breeding is to give him plenty of opportunities and just be patient. Nature will kick in. It always does.

Case in point: for the past 7 months or so I’ve been trying nearly everything in the arsenal to get my Firefly Piebald to breed. He’s a big male that is physically more than ready. He has never shown the slightest interest in a female. Today I paired him up just like I always do over the weekend. Later I looked in on him, fully expecting to see him on the opposite end of the tub from the female. Nope! Today is the day patience finally paid off. Patience will pay off for you too. It always does.

Firefly Piebald x Pastel het Piebald
Firefly Piebald x Pastel het Piebald

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