Ball Python Egg Donor… For Science!

A few months ago I was contacted by a molecular biologist at the University of Georgia who requested a couple Ball Python embryos. He is currently researching genetic mechanisms that control limb development in vertebrates and the function that limb control sequences have in snakes. Another goal was to determine when limb genes are activated during development in snakes. I can’t tell you more because its way over my head for the most part.

Awesomely, there was some amazing information gathered from these two embryos. However I can’t share until the research is officially published. In the mean time, I do have permission to share this photo and the basics. Can’t wait to link up the full paper when it is published!

This photo is one of the Ball Python embryos 4 days post oviposition. (Immediately after it was removed from the egg). Photo taken by researcher, used with permission.


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