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I’m finally putting down on “paper” the complete GeneX story. The reason I’ve not gone into details before now is that GeneX by itself is a variable and subtle gene that’s taken me years to figure out in all its permutations.

GeneX started with a captive-hatched animal. An amazing, very odd girl with melted sides and unique belly striping that is closer to center of the belly than typical belly striping.

The original GeneX female was put directly into my Pied project the first year and reproduced her look in her first offspring. The following season her linage produced the world-s first Yellowbelly Pied (aka Pumpkin Pied) here at JKR way back in 2008.


I didn’t think much of this unique gene until others also began producing YB Pieds that were not as bright as my original. That is when I started to consider that this unnamed gene was having a significant influence.

In order to give it a label for tracking it in my own collection I called these animals GeneX. I never intended that the name would stick!

In the past couple seasons I’ve been able to identify the gene more reliably as I’ve gone through nearly 4 generations. 2015 was the first season I was able to focus on what combos it could make.

Photos are below – for more info, keep scrolling to the bottom.

Other GeneX examples


How would I describe GeneX?
I tell people it looks a lot like what people call “harlequins”. They have melted, “roller-coaster” sides, belly striping and lots of fading / blushing, especially in adults. Few “harley” genes prove to be genetic, however GeneX might be the same (or different) than proven lines. 

Is there a super form?
I have had a couple clutches from GeneX to GeneX pairings but they were full of Pieds. I can’t say with confidence if there was a super form… However the babies from GeneX x GeneX have been more extreme than typical…

Is it attached to the Pied genes?
No. GeneX was imported separate from Pieds and I have a couple GeneX that I’ve disproven being het Pied.

Het Pieds themselves are known to be odd looking, so sometimes its hard sometimes to know where Het Pied ends and GeneX begins, I’m excited to take this gene beyond the Pieds.

What does it do in Pied combos?
The pics above should be clear. Its brings out a lot of orange in Pied combos as well as softening / brightening pattern. Surprisingly it seems to bring more white into some Enchi Pied combos.

Updated 2018: Check out the latest generation of GeneX here!

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