JKR’s 2016 Greatest Hits – Part 1 – Clowns

2016 was a banner year here at JKR and really blew far past my expectations! For the new year I’ll be listing collections of different projects. Many of these animals are being revealed for the first time!

Coral Glow Clown Combos

The Gotham & Scarecrow landed early in the year, really setting the bar high from the beginning. The color on these blow way past the standard CG Clowns.

GHI Clown Combos

I learned a lot about the GHI Clowns this year… what to do and even more about what I don’t want to repeat in the future. The GHI has a narrow scope of viability (looks wise) with the Clown I believe

Batman Clown Combos (not included above)

The Batman is a Leopard Spotnose Clown, this year I was able to really push these Batman combos to the next level and they did not disappoint!

Spotnose Clown Combos (not included above)

Leopard Clown Combos (not included above)

Jungle Woma Clown Combos (not included above)

2016 was the first year to work this great little enhancer gene. I think there are BIG things ahead for JW Clown combos… it both brights and reduced pattern.

Orange Dream Clown Combos (not included above)

Random Clown Combos (not included above)

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