From the Mailbag: Candy vs. Lavender Albino

Candy vs Lavender… will Candy make Lavender obsolete?

Email question

I think that Lavenders will continue to be in high demand regardless of what the Candy project does. Candys / Toffees are also a very cool project and I think they are beautiful.

Here’s how I see it: Lavenders look WAY better as hatchlings…. they also look as good or better as older adults…The Candy’s big advantage is they get their purple in faster (which is awesome)… However Candys have the major draw back of the albino compatibility, which sucks so much $ value out of them from a breeder’s standpoint.

So those are the issues… personally I LOVE the Lavender gene and the simplicity that comes with it compared to the inter-compatibility of the other Albino type genes.

Justin K.


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