Why Leopard + Ivory = Magic!

Its time to shake things up again! The Yellowbelly complex just keeps on giving and this may be its biggest trick yet.

This season I had a male Leopard Yellowbelly or Gravel up to size… Produced from Highway x Leopard. Yellowbelly is hard enough to see in a Leopard – forget telling a Leopard Gravel from a Leopard Yellowbelly.

So I decided to risk it… put him to a couple of nice YB combo girls. Fire Bumblebelly, Ivories & Fire YB Pinstripe. Honestly was scared to death that he would prove YB and leave me with a bunch of white snakes.

Boy was I wrong!

When the first clutch started coming out from Leopard Gravel / YB male x Fire Bumblebee YB, I thought I had hit the lottery! Leopard Highway combos! That’s the only explanation that made any sense. I even told several people as much. (Sorry!) Just a few days, later my clutch from the same Leopard combo male x Ivory started to hatch… 3 regular Ivories – against all common sense!

Leopard Ivory

That’s when I saw this animal for the first time and finally realized… 

Leopard + Ivory = Magic!

The Leopard puts a TON of pattern back into Ivorys and allows for some of the coolest BP combos to date! Check out that purple!

Spider & Bumblebee Ivorys are nearly 100% white. Add Leopard and you can see they are actually hiding quite a bit of truly awesome pattern under the surface.

There are still so many secrets yet to be discovered in Ball Pythons!

There are still a few more surprises coming this year, and I’ll update as the season progresses.

Note: Last season ARP Constrictors created the first Leopard Ivory and it was also awesome. The Leopard Ivory’s pictured here come from my line of yellowbellys that produce Ivories that are higher-patterned than typical.

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